Remember when mom used to make cookies from scratch for dessert, or a party, or just on a snowy day?  Before the dough went into the oven, or even on the cookie sheet, some dough had “mysteriously” disappeared.  UNBAKEABLES are perfectly topped cookie dough bites.  They are everyone’s dream come true, cookie dough that is meant to be eaten uncooked, with one addition...complementary toppings.  We have chocolate chip dough topped with chocolate peanut butter, chocolate chocolate chip dough topped with chocolate mint, birthday cake dough topped with sprinkles and the list goes on...  They are egg free and perfectly safe to eat.  Yum!  You can e-mail any questions to

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Do you LOVE unbakeables but do not live near a store that sells them or just NEED them right at your door?  You’re in luck, we now ship unbakeables!