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About the Tolkins


A collision of many loved flavors, a couple of favorite family recipes, a desire to keep everyone safe, and a passion to put a smile on everyone’s face, resulted in the Unbakeables combination you enjoy today.

Like many families, ours always fought to eat the raw chocolate chip cookie dough before it was ever baked.  With this in mind, Julie, always the creative cook, worked to find a recipe for cookie dough that was both delicious and safe to eat.  Once she had the cookie dough perfected, she made family birthday cakes; using the chocolate chip cookie dough for the cake and a homemade chocolate-peanut butter spread for the topping.

These cakes were a HUGE hit and never lasted more than a day.  Looking for this treat to be enjoyed beyond special occasions, Julie evolved the cake into “cookie dough balls”.

Corey, always her mother’s apprentice, began creating cookie dough balls for all her friends and her siblings’ friends.  Corey has since whipped up other varieties, including ‘birthday cake’ and ‘chocolate mint’.

Today, we have created these delicious confections for you to share with your family, bringing back memories of licking the bowl and putting a smile on the faces of all those who try them.